How the “No-Fault” divorce will do away with the “blame-game”.

How the “No-Fault” divorce will do away with the “blame-game” and move families towards swifter resolution.

The biggest change in decades to U.K. law is coming into effect this year - the instituting of the “No-Fault” divorce. Lawyers unanimously agree that is a hugely positive development, that will assist families on moving past “blaming and shaming” divorces of previous years to splits with more focus on amicable resolution and peaceful transitions.

For those who have children or who have been married for many years with considerable shared assets or households, this will have a profound affect.

However, there are some detractors that believe it will make getting a divorce “too easy”.

Is this really the case? And if you or someone you know is going through a separation or divorce soon, how will this change in law affect you?

Read the latest on this and hear what the experts are saying in the Guardian’s Family Law column…

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